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Tattoos generally reflect your personality. They are part of your lifestyle and speak volumes of  who you are. You take the pain to get some artwork or text etched on your body to establish your desire to speak about something that is very special to you. And this expression is visible to everyone around you. You expect to keep this trademark restricted to your body alone. You would not want others to have the same tattoo design as yours.

With the increase in customers there is an imminent issue of tattoo designs being copied. Such duplication occurs owing to the tattoo artist’s online as well as studio display of customers’ designs to make some extra money. As a customer you will definitely take offense to such duplication as you have probably paid double the normal rate to get a custom design based tattoo for yourself.

Copyright Violation:

If you believe that you have cheated of your money and right to the ownership of that artwork on your body, you can always approach a lawyer and maybe even be able to sue the ‘tattoo artist’ responsible for the duplication. After all you and only you are entitled to the ownership of the artwork and encroachment in your copyright of the custom design is a violation of your right. There are certain countries that have legal provisions for copying of tattoo designs under the ‘theft’ category like the U.S.A. So, go on and fight for your right.

Original Design Ideas:

Laws are made to protect the ‘original idea’ for the tattoo design irrespective of who the idea originates from- the client or the tattoo artist! Those graphic tattoo design based themes that used commonly can also be placed under the law which says that the idea is originally expressed under those tattoo illustrations that are ‘same theme’ based. Under the law similar appearing tattoo designs can also be placed, it does not have to look exactly like the original one.

Legal Provisions:

Cases have been filed for ‘infringement of copyright’ wherein a tattoo artist or any other individual has ‘copied’ from the original tattoo design. Filing such complaints affects both the parties- defendant and complainant.

The complainant has to go through the hassle of paying the lawyer to prove that his/her tattoo design has in fact been copied by the defendant. This may cost huge monetary losses for the complainant. While the defendant if found guilty has to get the tattoo removed through laser surgery which is quite painful.


Summing it up what can be said is that in order to keep away from lawyers or have your tattoo removed make use of custom designs based tattoos only.  Your tattoo is more than just a style statement- it is your definition and /or perception of life or your own story which you want to convey to the world. Either ask your tattoo artist to ink out your thought or use the Internet to find custom design tattoos.

Summary: Getting an exclusive tattoo is easy but keeping hold of its copyrights is not. If  the design is copied by someone, you can always fight to have it removed.

Diyana Lobo is a proficient writer who has expertise on lifestyle aspects like the latest rage-tattoo. She regularly contributes articles on Tattoos Patong and other famous places for tattoo based services. 

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